Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beer in the Freezer, oops.

Sunday Harley was going across the street to help Jason and Julie with a carpentry problem
When he left he asked me, “I have set the timer for 20 minutes would you take the two beers out of the freezer for me.  I may not be back in time.”
I told him, “No problem I am happy to take care of it.”
That seems pretty innocent and you would naturally think when the timer went off I got up, took the beers out of the freezer, and went back to reading my book.  Nope not even close.
Harley left and I continued to read my book.  Then in the stated 20 minutes the timer went off I jumped up and couldn’t remember what he had requested.  This isn’t good I thought.
So I started looking around the house and yard what is going on that he might want to have happen for only 30 minutes, hmmm.  I looked around the house and nothing jumped out at me to turn off or unplug, I looked in the garage, the washer and dryer were not in use so it couldn’t be that.  I walked out in the back yard and found the sprinkler on, it must be the sprinkler, I turned it off and went back to my book thinking all is well.
When he came back about an hour later he said, “thanks for taking the beers out of the freezer for me I think I will have one.”
 Oops, now I remembered.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
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