Monday, May 9, 2011

Tarot Cards

So, I have been thinking about having my tarot cards read again.  You may laugh, I did, but the joke turned out to be on me.
I had my cards read for the first and only time about three weeks before Thanksgiving 2001 at Changing Times in West Palm Beach.
What the lady told me was pretty unbelievable, some I was sure was bunk.
The one thing she told me which I was ready for was to get rid of my current boyfriend.  It was so funny, she was laying the cards on the table turning them slowly one by one when she laughs , she looked over at me and said, "you are dating a fool he has to go."  She said I had to get ready for  Mr. Right and he wouldn't show up unless my life was available. 

I called the boyfriend that night and told him I didn’t want to see him anymore, he didn’t believe me.  The tarot card reader said he wouldn’t believe me so this was no shock to me.  Poor guy he was the only one surprised. 
She went on to tell me I would be moving soon, I had no intention of moving it is too hard to move when you are single.  About three weeks later, Michael, the kid next door came over and told me he was getting an amplifier for his guitar and how he would be jamming all night.  Eeash!  As it happened the cutest little house came up for sale a few of blocks away.  Do I have to tell you the rest of this part of the story?  Yep, I purchased that little house and we still live there today.
The oddest part of the story was when she told me I would be starting a new job soon.  I knew this wasn’t going to happen I had been working with Stephen for over 20 years; the hours were good, the paychecks always cashed, I had a great boss, why would I leave?  I told the tarot card reader these things and she said, "I am just telling you what is in the cards."
Funny, four months later everything started to happen.  We started the Co-op; I bought the house, and met Harley all within three weeks of each other.  As a matter of fact I purchased the house the day I met Harley.  We met on a blind date.  I was sure he wasn’t going to be the one, oops.
I’ll let you know how I do with the new card predictions.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. Teri,
    I believe you.
    I am 87 years old now,but used to occasionally read tea-cups and ordinary playing cards.The first time was in the UK in WW2 while with the RCAF. I was on a leave in Scotland visiting.
    I did this as a joke,but,not only startled my audience,but myself too,hitting it right on.
    I also had a group of teeners set up a home-made Ouija board with much fun and accuracy.
    Some years later I was talked into doing the cards for friends and strangers.Too many times I was right to dispute it.
    Evidently I inherited the gift as my paternal Aunt did this for additional income during the depression.I found that I could read the cards too.My younger brother became very good with the Tarot cards and had a large clientelle in the USA and Canada.
    My youngest daughter and I are able to tune in to each other;almost like mind reading.There have been times that were weird how it has happened.My wife[now deceased] was a good medium.Her tea cups always showed worldly things instead of personal.
    Also dabbled in Spirit Writing,scary.
    Could go on,but,you get the message.

  2. Right on, Teri. I find that cards are a message to me from my Higher Self. So nice to be able to hear it and live by it.

    Thanks for writing about this,

  3. I called Changing Times to make an appointment with the tarot card reader I worked with the last time, unfortunately she has gone back to Peru.

    They have several people that read cards so I am going to read about them and see if anyone jumps off the page for me then make an appointment.