Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prescription for calm driving

Anyone that knows me knows I have aggressive driving tendencies.  I have had behavior behind the wheel of a car that could have ended in injury for me or others because I get angry in South Florida's traffic congestion and confusion.

Four years ago I confronted my driving aggression and these are the tips I use to get to and from work every day. My commute is twenty minutes each way. There is wisdom and intention in my driving now, everyone should feel better when I am on the road.  I know I feel better.

Prescription for calm driving

  • I start my trip with the intention that I will arrive at my destination calm.
  • Play soothing music
  • Know that today  is not my day to teach the other person a driving lesson
  • Be patient with the driver that cut me off it is likely from his seat I don’t exist
  • Respond don't react to situations that inevitably come up
  • Stay in the slow or middle lanes
  • Set my cruise control to the speed of the lane I am in
  • Consider, I could be the problem
  • And if all fails stay home
I may have turned into the little old lady we all dread, bye for now I am off for work, watch for me.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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  1. My mindset is to see traffic as a grand procession, everyone arriving safely at their chosen destiny. Helps.