Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Planning for what nature brings.

Jim, Mom and me.
My older brother Jim is a very sharp guy, he is a planner and we know that he can go a bit overboard with all the planning.  I suppose I am saying one of his strongest assets is one of my weak links.  Let me give you a timely example.

Several years ago Jim moved to Kansas, home was now the Great American Plains.  The news of the twisters that hit our southern states so hard gave me pause to reflect on Jim’s preparedness.

When he purchased the home he is in now the first time I went to visit we had a tornado drill in the event the sirens went off.  Until this last week I thought the exercise sort of silly but this was my beloved brother and on some things I just go along with his extreme focus.  The drill was similar to the muster exercise you endure when you go on a cruise.

He sounded the alarm that would go off in case the weather pattern was ripe for a tornado, told me if you hear this sound you run, not walk, to the safe room on the ground floor.  Now that I have heard the stories of one woman that grabbed her dog and ran to the closet for safety, when she opened the door after the storm had passed her safe room was the only room left of the house.  Many tales of escape came to light the last few days, and the stories of total destruction were reported too, nothing left, no people, no home, no memories.

When hurricane season comes back to Florida I will be happy to know we have a week to decide to get out of the way or ride out the storm.  Having only a few minutes’ notice would be difficult for me to live comfortably.  I would think it would be even worse if we lived in an area that experienced earth quakes that offer no warning. 

No matter where we live everyone gets extreme weather at times.  My heart felt prayers to our countrymen living with the ravages of the tornadoes of this spring.

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