Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meditation, inflammation, and brain health

In last weeks  newspaper Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen talked about the benefits of meditation.

Two months ago my first yoga teacher, Jamar, started a meditation group that fit perfectly into my Monday and Friday morning schedule.   Jamar is a present, loving facilitator in every facet of his meditative and physical practices.
If I try to sit quietly at home my mind will more easily lose focus.  I have found with meditation I need as much distraction eliminated as possible.  Practice, focus, and breath leave me feeling calm, peaceful, and ready to take on life’s issues with renewed vigor and gentle perspective.
Back to Dr’s Oz and Roisen their research found meditation reduced inflammation which is the tip of the iceberg of wellness.  Inflammation is a symptom of joint problems, digestive issues, skin maladies, and heart problems to name just a few.   The article headline reads “Want a bigger brain and better memory? Meditate!”

Who would think sitting quietly would be a tonic for such impressive change. 
If you haven’t’ had a chance to listen to Dr. Rodiers TOIL interview he reinforces the destruction of body wide inflammation and what to do,  Part III of the series targets inflammation.

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  1. ...and in the Book Anticancer: A New Way of Life, Doctor and Researcher David Survan-Schreiber MD says that inflammation creates an encouraging terrain for cancer cells to grow in within the body. So add Cancer to your list of illnesses that are helped and enhanced by inflammation. Incidently, Dr. Survan-Schreiber has almost 100 pages of listed medical research studies to back up his statements about curing cancer.

  2. Thank you for your note Sandy.

    Cancer prevention and awareness are at the top of our members list when selecting their supplements.

    As a cancer survivor I am passionate about helping people find information they can use to make informed decisions on this dreadful disease.

    I will get Dr.Survan-Schreiber's book and pass the information on where it might be helpful.

    Have a wonderful week!! Teri