Friday, May 27, 2011

The Girls, The Eggs, and Dinner.

The Girls
For the last several years our friend Patty has been trying her hand at homegrown  food sources, her very successful garden goes in each summer, the berry bushes are  mature enough for harvest, and the girls are laying eggs.

That may not seem like a big deal to anyone but Mike.  Mike is Patty's loving and patient husband. 

Before the girls had arrived and their needs were  fully known, the innocent wisdom was the girls would hatch, lay eggs, and eventually end up with a special invitation to Sunday dinner.

Well, any of you novice chicken farmers should know there is WAY more going on than that.  Have a seat and I will tell you the short version of Patty's story. 

Precious harvest
1.    Once the eggs were purchased there was a warming stage until the peeps hatched, this required a special lamp. 

2.   On arrival the peeps needed to be cared for until they got big enough to be on their own, a home was required. The peeps live in the North Georgia hills and it would be too dangerous for them to be free range, as a variety of things could gobble up these newly hatched sweet morsels like foxes, raccoon, or coyotes.  So a pen was constructed. 

3.    Then the happy day came when the eggs started showing up.  Now a place for the girls to roost and lay their eggs was required, the carpenter built a beautiful coop .  All is well right, not so fast, it was starting to get cold in the hills of North Georgia and warmth is required for the girls on bitter cold days.   The extension cord just didn't work well so a backhoe was brought in to dig the ditch and an electrician came to run the power to the coop, at the same time the water supply was starting to freeze and walking water to the coop is way more trouble than you might think so now the water has been extended to the coop.
All in all with the plumber, electrician, carpenter, the purchase of the eggs and feed Mike estimates each egg is worth $6.42 each.  If you need some really delicious eggs let me know, seriously.
I must admitt when I opened the egg box I was amazed by the colors.  It is difficult to tell but the green eggs are on the right side of the box, they are layed by the Aracaua hen.  Rosie and Henrietta are Golden Comets and the Black check one is Daisy a Plymouth Barred Rock.  The flavor of the eggs are delicious each of the breeds lay different colored eggs.  Homemade eggs who knew they would be so lovely and tasty.

Oh, there could be another snafu, Mike warned Patty not to name the girls or it could ruin their anticipated invitation to dinner, with  chicken being the main course of course. I will let you know how dinner turns out.

Patty and dinner, maybe, maybe not.
Director of Member Services and Smiles
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  1. "Eggs are the perfect food. I eat them every day. They are the "Gold Standard" by which we rate all other protein. This means that all of the amino acids are there in the ratios you need in one place. For best results, eat eggs that come from free-range chickens."

    From Al Sears, MD June 2011 newsletter