Saturday, April 16, 2011

When Emergencies Happen...

When an emergency happens we…
1.   Think Oh no!
2.  Ask how are they, and what can we do
3.   Really feel how worry knots our stomach
4.   Realize how powerless we are in this situation
5.    Notice nothing else seems important in that moment
6.     Re-evaluate our priorities making sure they are correct
7.    Are fearful of the change this event might bring in our lives
8.    See clearly how fragile we truly are
9.       Are reminded of the best of times
10.   Wait and pray.
   This was our recent experience with Harley’s dad.  He is fine now. 

   Emergencies give us a forced opportunity to take stock of the important things in our lives.  I hope you have a chance to evaluate your finer things without an emergency to force you to.

   Director of Member Services and Smiles
   Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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