Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sandy!!

Harley, Sandy, and Shirley
I know through our actions and values we teach people how to treat us.

My sister-in-law Sandy is a case in point.  I have learned that Sandy is not afraid of hard work and once that work is done the fun begins.  Sandy loves to play games, laugh, and has a wonderful passionate love for her family and friends.

The fruits of her passion came together last night as we had a surprise 50th birthday party to celebrate her coming to this half way point in life, I know for sure there is tons more fun to come.
The planning started two months ago when Harley, Sandy’s friend Fran, and sister Shirley started hatching the surprise.  Many phone calls later, Shirley had sent the invitations from Ohio, Fran had volunteered her lovely home as ground zero for the celebration, and Joe and Shirley were to be the special surprise.
Forty people were in attendance and when Sandy walked in and we all yelled surprise she screamed and burst into tears of joy.  All the planning and hard work was worth it at that moment.
Happy birthday Sis, you are so special to all of us!!
Teri, your family, and friends.

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  1. Being a mom, wife and working, the busy wonderful craziness of living every day life I tend to forget how truly blessed I am. Walking around that corner and seeing all the friends and family together to celebrate my big day I was so overwhelmed with joy. I am truly, truly, blessed. Thank you to my awesome brother Harley, beautiful Sisters Shirley and Teri, my wonderful friend Fran, my sweetheart husband Steve, my loving sons Hunter and Spencer and all my loyal friends for all the love & friendship. I am one blessed half way to one hundred year old woman. God Bless You all and THANK YOU!