Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Could Water be the Cure? Join me Take the Water Test!

We are 60 to 70% water, so what?
 Is it possible water is the magic cure to the unhealthy way we feel?  I have been looking at the data available online supporting drinking water to basically cure what ails you.  We all have a physical complaint about something that could be working closer to peak performance.
After looking at the benefits of drinking water I am going to take the challenge to drink eight, 8oz glasses of water each day for the next month and see what happens.  Some sources report 64oz is more than necessary others report it is not enough.  I can report that it is more than I am doing now and I am interested to notice any results.
I read some controversy over other fluids counting towards total water intake.  For this experiment I am going to count water and other beverages separate.
Here is the short list of what I have found so far.

·         Water is a part of every function of the body
·         Can relieve heart burn
·         Helps lubricate joints and alleviate pain
·         Facilitates weight loss, I read cold water is best as the body has to use energy to warm the water to body temperature
·         Abdominal pain originating from dehydration
·         Promotes healing
·         Carries nutrients to cells
·         Allows for moisture  to aid all breathing processes, breathing is one of my favorite processes
·         Water flushes kidneys to remove toxins from our body
·         Too little water can cause headaches
·         Adequate water intakes releases stored fluids from the body, seems crazy to me drink more for the body to release fluids, hmmmm
·         Cleans the body of toxic amounts of salt, ah ha that is where the fluid release comes from
·         Keeps the brain working in an optimal environment ( the brain is 90% water)
·         Provides support for adequate eye function
·         Helps maintain muscles

This list could go off the page.
I am going to ask Donnaree to help me remember to drink a glass of water each hour I am at work.

I started today and will let you know how I do.   I invite you to join me, let me know how you do.
Ready, Set, GO!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. Here we are two days into the Water Experiment.

    So far, I have had a rock solid night of sleep last night, not usual for me.

    Donnaree is a good sport and decided she would participate in the Water Experiment too. Her findings for yesterday and today are no headache or fuzzy vision which is remarkable for her she has had headaches every day for years.

    Harley has noticed less discomfort everywhere especially, his joints. Hmmm, could it be the water?

    Let me know how you are doing, Teri

  2. I am on a special diet to control cancer starting this month and am using bottled water for everything I drink: tea, coffee, part of the morning whole veggie smoothie, for ice cubes, etc. I just figured that I am using about 56 oz a day. And I'm feeling really good. Some of the things you mentioned like headaches, brain fog, and fuzzy vision have cleared up. I had a lot of ankle swelling too, and that is much less now. Sandy Fackler, customer of Co-op

  3. Since I've had kidney stones in the past I'm somewhat diligent about drinking water. What helps me is: 1) first of all I bought a quart size flower vase. At night I fill it with water and put it where I can reach it first thing in the morning. As soon as I get up, I start drinking, just about five swallows. I used to drink about 3 cups at a time, but have read you should only drink 4-8 ozs. at a time. Before noon, I've finished one quart. Using the quart size glass helps me keep track of how much I've had.

  4. I had a rude awakening last year when I had to have blood drawn. I have been a water drinker for many years, but at the time I wasn't drinking my normal amounts, so when the tech tried to get some blood from me, none would come out. It was like the blood had dried up in my veins!!
    My trainer gave me a very valuable tip...First thing in the morning drink a large glass of water. This gets your body rehydrated and your metabolism revved up.

  5. I'll try with you! I know I should drink more, but there's always that problem of having to stay nearer the bathroom! But, I will try.


  6. Hi Sandy,
    That is an amazing story. You are doing much better than I am with 56oz of water. I try to fill my cup the beginning of each hour while I am work this helps me remember to drink.
    I think I was most surprised about swelling decreasing. When Harley told me his knees were feeling much better I knew we were on to something. He had been entertaining having some surgery to get some relief now that is on hold.
    I am happy to hear your ankles are feeling better!
    Thank you for your note, people call regularly and ask what they can do for fluid retention, now I can say, “How much water do you drink every day?”
    Most sincerely,

  7. Hi Pat,

    That is a great idea, I have a beautiful vase that is just the right size and sits hidden and empty most of the time.

    Thanks for the note!! Teri

  8. Wow, that is amazing, not being able to draw blood. I didn’t know you could be that dehydrated and not feel rotten, yikes.
    Thank you for passing on the tip!!

  9. the book Your body's many cries for water is invaluable.

  10. Donnaree told me a story today I wanted to share with you. She went out on Saturday and was not going to be near a bathroom for most of the day so she decided slack off our our cup of water an hour challenge.

    She said by the end of the day her head was just pounding. When she got home she started drinking water and when she woke still had the headache. She got up drank a big glass of water went back bed for a nap and when she woke up her headache was gone and is still gone on Monday.

    She is totally sold on drinking water.

    I have noticed my chapped lips are no longer chapped after one week on the challenge.