Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cool Junk from the Thrift Store

Today's treasure.
Saturday’s I love shopping at the Hospital Thrift Store here in Jupiter.  Some days I don’t find any “treasures” and some days...

I used to think I didn’t like to shop then Cecilia introduced me to thrift stores, second hand shops, and consignment stores, I resisted at first, then I got the hard realization, I'm cheap, honestly I had no idea.

For years I had a spare wardrobe because shopping the mall was SO expensive.  Now that the shock of being cheap has worn off you will not see me wearing $150.00 pants or $100.00 shirts, unless I have purchased them deeply discounted at my favorite Saturday haunt.  Some days I even find jewels I can’t live without.

Having said that let me share with you my latest treasure.  I fell in love with this brooch she is 2 ½” long, her beautiful head is porcelain, painted eyes and lips, “real pearls”, and “fabulous diamonds”, well they might not be real but they sure are fun and pretty!

Another time Mom was coming to visit and with the MS she struggles with she asked if I would rent her a motorized scooter.  The cost to rent one was terribly high.  The Saturday after she arrived we went to the Hospital Thrift Store and guess what?  They had a motorized scooter, with delightful modifications, and a great battery for sale $100.00.  I said, “Mom take a look this it may be just what you are looking for.”  She was thrilled; actually she rode the scooter right out of the store for a spin around the parking lot.  This was five years ago and we are still riding.  She rides when she is here for visits, and I ride once or twice each month picking up trash in our neighborhood.

Do you have any great second had finds?  I bet you do, you can tell me about them anonymously you know.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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