Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beer, Nutrition,Stories and Thanks.

When we first started Our Health Co-op I knew nothing about health and nutrition.  I truly believed that if I couldn’t get the nutrition I needed from beer I probably didn’t need it. 

Times have changed and in the nine years we have been open I have gone from a beer drinking, meat eating, water hating, menopausal woman to a vegetarian, water loving, vitamin taking, teetotaler.  People that know me don’t know me.  I have to laugh.  I have two secret weapons one, our members and two our newsletters. If you don’t read them you might want to give them a try they are always informative and frequently the information is inspirational.

I have learned so much from questions posed by our members.  We have a wonderful consulting company we work closely with on the difficult questions and important issues like new formulations, current research, and updated technology.  We have expert friends we use too.

Our members keep the struggles of daily life real for me.  The stories of lost jobs, cut backs in wages, savings depleted because of illness, medical mishaps and unfortunate accidents are stories I hear regularly.  These people are always in my prayers.

Actually, I am honored when I hear those stories.  Even though I can’t see the caller I hear the fear in their voice when the news isn't the best, or the excitement and hope when things are going well.

Sometimes I get fun news, Harris always has a delightful story about his young grandson, Vinny from New Jersey recently sent me a CD of his a cappella group performing some of the oldies, a treasure, and then Bill called.

Bill is 82, he was getting ready to go see his girlfriend after he placed his vitamin order, and Bill’s girlfriend is almost 77.  Bill was telling me about injuring his back last summer.  This is how he met his girlfriend.  He went on to tell me he has a hard and fast rule to never date ladies more than five years younger than he is.  The current girlfriend is more than 5 years younger and he told me she is so much fun and full of life if he had only known he would have started dating younger women years ago.  Here he is at 82 lamenting a rule he made for himself so long ago.  “How did the rule come about?” I asked him.  He said, “ at my age I just don’t remember.”

Thank you for sharing the stories of your life with me!!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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