Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anusara Yoga

Variation of Boat Pose
I have had the most amazing weekend at the Yoga Shala working with an instructor whose preferred form of yoga is called anusara.
I found yoga later in my life; most of my fellow yogis and yoginis were much younger and more flexible and welcomed me with open arms.  I was there because I had had a crushing blow to my family life and was not handling the sorrow well.  I went from a happy go lucky Teri to one that did not know how to get off the sofa, I couldn’t sleep, and my focus lingered to my troubles which were totally out of my control.
A friend who was trying everything to get me to “snap out of it” suggested yoga.  After resisting for several weeks I decided to try.  I was lucky enough at my first yoga class to meet Jamar an instructor and guide I still treasure to this day. 
I found while moving my body and focusing on being calm had a emotional release that has expanded over the years.  When there is an opportunity to experience a new practice within the experience of “yoga” I have never been disappointed, so when the opportunity  presented itself to try anusara yoga the Inspired Learner in me was very excited to participate in the workshop.  Anusara yoga “is an integrated approach to hatha yoga in which the art of the human spirit powerfully blends with the science of biomechanics
I have been passionate about the postures, asanas of yoga for the last 15 years a relatively short time and consider myself to be a beginning student.   Jordan, our instructor, was very good, asking us to get in a basic posture and requesting we move our hips slightly to the right or left or, in another posture asking to isometrically pull our knees together, simple requests with extraordinary results.   
This form of yoga focuses on what the body is doing naturally and dissecting how our muscles support our bones.   Basically, part of the class was on posture the other on spiritually supporting our life.
Anausara yoga allows us to be present with our light and dark sides and accepting the perceived success or failure of a particular posture with an understanding of how to improve and be content with where we are today.
This was a beautiful experience!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
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