Sunday, March 27, 2011

Steamed Hard Cooked Eggs?

We love hard cooked eggs at our house.  The problem with hard cooked eggs is separating the shell from the egg after the eggs have been cooked.

I did extensive research with varying degrees of success on the separation process.  I tried boiling the eggs, putting the raw eggs in the pot when the water was cold then slowly bringing the water to a boil,  I tried putting the eggs in the pot when the water was already boiling, I tried using cold eggs, I tried using room temperature eggs,  I tried with salt without salt, I tried pealing them when they were cold, I tried plunging the hard cooked eggs in an ice bath, I burned my fingers pealing them when they were hot, I tried new eggs and eggs that I left to rest in the refrigerator for a week.  As I said varying degrees of success pealing them, none of these methods worked every time.

One day I was telling Theresa about my hard cooked eggs not separating from the shells and lamented on how I had ruined another dozen eggs which were fine for egg salad but I was making deviled eggs.

She said matter of factly, “Use your steamer.    Whatever do you mean?” I asked

"Steam the eggs in your vegetable steamer for 24 minutes and they will peal perfectly every time, hot cold it doesn't matter." 

Dear readers did you know this or am I the last one to know this important tidbit?

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