Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Massage Mouse and Muscle Aches and Pain, who knew?

Hi-Dow Massage Mouse II
Do you ever get that muscle pain you can’t quite massage or stretch away by yourself?  I do, I will try all the typical things, deep breaths and gentle stretching, my favorite Epsom Salt Bath, if Theresa is available to come work out the problem that usually works but what does one do without a Theresa?
The answer is the Hi-Dow Massage Mouse.  I can hear you laughing right threw my computer.  Actually, the reason I know you are laughing is because that is what I did when Stephen offered it as a solution to some knee pain I had a few years ago.
I am not talking permanent damage type of pain.  I am referring to problems caused by tight muscles or tendons that don’t release by themselves.
The Massage Mouse looks like a computer mouse with 2 flexible paddles or massage pads as Hi- Dow calls them.  You apply a few drops of water on the pads to dampen them and place them in the area that is sore and turn on the mouse.  SLOWLY, at first, and make sure you have both pads in place when you turn on the mouse.  The surprise jolt you will get if both pads are not in place is enough that you won’t do it again.
The settings are variable so you can have a slight pulse or a burst of energy.  The directions warn against using the pads above the neck, or near the heart as this is an electrical impulse.  Other warnings are on their website.
The advertising reads this product was designed for "minor muscle aches and pains, for computer users, office professionals, athletes, students, travelers, anyone who performs tasks in fixed bodily positions.”
The Massager Mouse is $50.00  and is a great addition to my wellness kit.

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