Monday, March 7, 2011

It’s a Jaboticaba, of course

I have had varying degrees of success with my Jaboticaba bush.  I think it is finally doing so well because I stopped digging the plant up and moving it.  First, it was in the ground for about a year then I moved to the beach.  I don't think it liked all the salt air at the beach so when I moved it about two years after that it perked up a bit and has been doing well enough until now. 
From the outside the bush looks like any other foliage plant, the fruit grows on tiny little stems on the branch that you can't see unless you look inside.  The fruit is ready when it turns black.  The berries resemble a black grape although the skin is a bit tough I spit the skin and the seeds out.  For me it is like eating a watermelon swallow what you want and spit out the rest. 
This is not one of those items you could serve at a dinner party without some guests wondering what to do with it after they have already popped the fruit in their mouth.
The real joy is the harvest is ready and the tree has exploded with sweet juicy bounty.
It’s a Jaboticaba, of course

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