Monday, March 14, 2011

A silly practice from long ago...

So, why are we still changing our clocks?  For all the trouble seems we would have stopped this silly practice long ago.
First clue that this is not convenient is they decided to make the change at 2:00AM so as not to disrupt too many people. Already someone has acknowledged this is disruptive.
I wonder how many activities start at 2:00AM that are interrupted by this change; I am always fast asleep by then so I really wouldn’t know. 
When I used to go to bars in my young rowdy days by 2:00AM I was never in a frame of mind to care if it was time to go home or not.
I know daylight saving time always messes with going to church.  The conversation is always the same,
“Did you set the clocks back?
No I thought you did.
No you said you were going to.”   
It would be lovely to just forget the entire Daylight saving idea.  When I lived in Arizona Daylight Saving Time came and went and we never missed the changes, not once did someone say, “Sure do miss the good old days of Daylight Saving, changing the time was so empowering.”
There is even controversy over whether it is Daylight Saving or Daylight Savings. Come on folks seems if a mere 60 minutes were going to be this disruptive we would just leave it alone.  The newspapers and reporters would have plenty to print and say if we decided not to change time again.
I didn’t know if the rest of the world participated in this time saving plan and had to look it up. The European Union observes a Summertime period, sounds better but just as much trouble.
I suppose it serves as a reminder to do Spring and Fall cleaning.  I really don’t need a reminder for that.   Someone told me they change their batteries in their clocks during the Spring part of daylight saving.  I usually wait until the time on the clock starts slowing down so that doesn’t matter to me personally.  I am sure they could find another way to remember to change the batteries.  One mother told me the kids don’t have to go to school in the dark if we change the time.  I don’t know about you but when I was a kid going to school in the dark made no difference to me, I just didn’t want to go dark or light.
So, with all the important things to discuss at the government level that determines whether there is Daylight savings or not I suppose we will be caught in the Spring ahead Fall back loop for the foreseeable future.
The best idea seems to me to compromise on a half hour split and forget about it.

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