Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sexy High Heels or Sensible Shoes and Shoehorns

My favorite sensible shoes
What is it about those really cute high heels that make your legs look amazing, makes you feel sexy, and your posture tall and straight?  I love those shoes I had a whole closet full of them.  Now, I have just a couple of pairs that I save for those special evenings that I don’t mind being in pain the next day.

Yep, it has happened.  I knew it wouldn’t happen to me I never broke a leg, have been active with yoga and exercise for decades, no arthritis and yet here I am wearing sensible shoes, arghh.

Just like the bifocals this took some time to get used to.  Now I am wearing those sensible shoes from The Walking Company and really like the way my support system including my knees feel all the time, pain free.. 

On occasion I even see my sensible shoes on ladies that appear younger than me, yea. 

When I got my first pair of sensible shoes the saleslady gave me a shoe horn, hmmm, what am I going to do with that?  I took it anyway, I am on a learning curve you know. 

Well I have been using the shoe horn and darn if it doesn’t make it easier to put on my shoes.  I am just laughing at myself as I find these senior accessories are making their way into my life.

I was shocked to find there is an entire resource center for shoehorns; they come in long plastic, long wooden oak horns, jockey horns, the professional shoe horns make me think of Al Bundy, they also come in glass, shell, bone, metals and the most versatile substance plastic, then there are a vast array of horns with figure heads. You can even get sets of 5 shoe horns I suppose those are to share with a friend.   Who Knew?

All I know is I like my sensible shoes, I am still looking for really cute ones that feel great too, seems designers haven’t turned their eyes to sensible shoes, yet.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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