Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Purple Carrots

These multi colored carrots were a new addition to the offerings at the Green Market on Saturday.  I love colorful dinners and had to have a bunch to try.

The tops were so fresh and beautiful we knew they had been recently harvested, at the grocery store you just don't know how long they have been there. I try to make dinner as colorful as possible.   I heard somewhere meals should have a minimum of 2 colors and meat and pasta don’t count.

Wikipedia reports, “Only 3% of the β-carotene in raw carrots is released during digestion: this can be improved to 39% by pulping, cooking and adding cooking oil.”  So much for the benefits of raw carrots, who knew?

Once upon a time people believed that eating excessive amounts of carrots would allow you to see in the dark.  The lack of Vitamin A can cause poor vision, and adding carrots a source of Beta Carotene which the body converts to vitamin A has shown benefits in restoring vision, but eating excessive amounts of carrots will not allow you to have night vision, sorry.

There is even a malady called carotenosis, resulting from eating too many carrots which can turn your skin orange, I guess the researchers haven't done studies on the purple or yellow carrots at the Green Market.

If you would like to know more about carrots there is even a virtual carrot museum, some people are truly passionate about this beautiful vegetable.

In the end I put the carrots with some of the small onions in the pressure cooker for 4 minutes sprinkled a crunchy topping of Earth Balance butter, Italian bread crumbs and some lemon juice over the steaming carrots, I even added a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and we ate the entire bunch at one meal. Yum!

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