Monday, February 14, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

We had a fun anniversary weekend.  Friday night we had dinner with Jeff and Patricia.  Jeff is the one that wouldn’t rest until Harley and I met each other, thank you Jeff.  He even officiated at our wedding and did a fine job.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Ralph’s Place, and then off to the Green Market for all those yummy fresh organic veggies, and a bike ride at Jonathan Dickenson State Park which is a few miles from home.

Saturday evening we celebrated John’s birthday.  Harley and John have been business partners and friends for 30 years birthday.   John’s birthday is actually on Thursday although Saturday was the celebration. 

It was a lovely party with guests from Harley’s past that he had not seen in some cases decades.  Harley isn’t the best at staying in touch and as a bachelor for the 20 years before we got married lost track of several of the people I was introduced to Saturday.

In the end we had many laughs and lots of stories.  The part I liked best is the potential renewal of those old friendships.  We have dates to get together with several people for a more intimate gathering.

As I get older I truly value getting together a few special people over a huge gathering like I once did. Hmm, this must be what Mom was referring to as mellowing with age, how nice.

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