Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Unexpected Celebration

I called Mom on Saturday afternoon.  I thought she would be watching the New Orleans/Seattle playoff game.  Instead, when she answered the phone I could hear the activity and voices in the background and Mom issuing orders.  Uh oh, something is up with the Porter Court Gang.

We could only chat for a moment long enough for her to tell me they were getting ready for Loretta’s arrival; she is Mom’s neighbor and one of the Porter Court Gang.  Seems they were all getting ready to surprise Loretta for her birthday. There was no time to chat and Mom assured me she would call on Sunday morning.

When she called I asked how the party went and was Loretta surprised.  She gave me a run down of the dinner menu Chicken Marengo, homemade succotash, corn bread, stewed tomatoes, and of course a birthday cake.

I asked about Loretta being surprised.  There was a pause on the line and Mom said, “Of course she was surprised her birthday is not until next month.”  Apparently, the Gang needed something to do on a cold January night and this was what they came up with.

Makes me want to be part of the Porter Court Gang, an unexpected celebration.

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