Monday, January 3, 2011

Sonic the Dragon

We are watching Sonic, our nephew Spencer’s, bearded dragon for the week.

We have learned many things this week about bearded dragons.  The first thing we learned about Sonic was his home was too small.  He had out grown his fish tank home. 

My sweet carpenter, Harley, decided he would build Sonic a new home.  The new house is three times bigger than the last home plus there is an awesome limb for climbing that I donated from my greenhouse.  The limb had orchids growing on it but Sonic was more important so the orchids now live in a different tree.

Did you know that bearded dragons are desert animals and if you put them on a cold floor they will run around like crazy until they start to get cold.  Then they will move more and more slowly until they come to a stop.  We didn't know that either.

We learned even Sonic gets vitamins.  Twice a week we cover his grubs in Calcium plus D3 powder and he takes multivitamin powder in his greens.  I am wondering where bearded dragons get their vitamins when they are in the wild, just kidding. 

Spencer has allergies and his choices of pets were fish, which died, so he moved on to lizards, which is where Sonic comes in, we have hopes for a long life for Sonic in his new home..

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