Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mom's Favorites

As you can imagine after 85 years Mom has many friends.  She has one in particular that is a voracious reader, Mom is too. 

Many years ago Betty's son had a problem that ended with an open wound in his abdomen and the dressings had to be changed every other day.  Apparently, this was quite an ugly wound that needed to be packed with gauze and too distressing for Betty to do so Mom stepped up to accept responsibility to repack this young man’s wound for the many months it took to heal.

Of course Mom would not think of taking any money for her service, after all that is what friends do.  Betty was compelled to do something nice for Mom.  It has been over a decade now and Betty still  brings all the books she reads to Mom every month.  These ladies read a book every day or so.

I love to read too but my time is so limited by my lifes choices, when I read a book that has a poor ending, the hero dies, or the guy dosen't get the girl I feel cheated.  We have worked out a system over the years that Mom rates her books on a 1-10 scale.  She tosses the 1 and 2 rated books  in the recycle bin and saves me the 9 and 10 rated books.  I am not sure who gets the 3-8 rated books but they don’t make it to Florida. 

When I am done with the books she recommends they go on to one of my friends.  This is a wonderful system for me and I have not been disappointed by any of the 9 and 10 rated books.

Maybe we should start Bea’s Book Choices.  I have never been in sync with the New York Times Bestsellers, do you think it is too late for her to start?

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