Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is It Cold at Your House?

I have been in Florida for 25 years and sometimes I forget it's not warm everywhere in January.

I get days when members will call and the lawn maintenance people are cutting the grass on a clear January day and they will ask, " What is that noise." When I tell them they tell me what it is like at their house.  I get stories about new snow or it is 20 degrees outside, one lady told me a week ago she was snowed in and expected to be for at least another two or three days.  I guess she had nothing better to do than order vitamins.

I love to hear how miserable it is in other parts of the country.  I put this information in my mental filing cabinet and bring it out in the summer when it is hot and sticky and I briefly think about moving north.

A customer called from South Dakota on one of those rare cold Florida mornings and the office had not warmed up yet. I told her it was so cold I was wearing my beanie over the head set.  She told me people in Sioux Falls don’t wear beanies they have winter coats.  I told her I got my first winter coat since I have lived in Florida last year; I guess my blood is thinning out after all these  years.  She laughed and laughed telling me she would send me some of her winter coats that she had a closet full.

We discussed the young men that live across the street from her that wear shorts all winter long.  They could be a testimony to the benefits of raging hormones.

Langley British Columbia told me two weeks ago everyone was running out to purchase snow tires because of a terrible storm.  Now that things are back to normal no one cares about snow tires, until the next storm that is.

Chris our colleague from Salt Lake City came to Florida last week, he had to change his flight plans because the weather was going to be dicey and he might not be able to leave on his expected flight.

Then there were all those people in the northeast over the holidays that were stuck at the airport over Christmas.  How expensive must it be to unexpectedly have to stay in New York City over a holiday for three days with your family?
I do like snow, my tolerance is about one week then I am ready for a change.  I feel sad in the winter when the trees have no leaves.  But I love the pine boughs when they are full of snow and the sky is bright and sunny. Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year when nature wakes from the sleep of winter and new life is everywhere.

I love burning lots of candles and I just can’t bring myself to burn candles in doors in the summer while the air conditioning is on.  I just can’t rationalize a fire no matter how small burning in the house while I am paying to cool the air.

Julie and are going for a bike ride this morning.  I suppose if I were in Sioux Falls or Langley I could be going snowmobiling.  Enjoy your day where ever you are!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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