Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to Class

I found myself sitting in a high school classroom again last night.  I was there to learn the in’s and out’s of Excel.  We didn’t have computer classrooms when I went to school.  My first thought when the instructor asked us to take a seat in front of a computer was how many germy hands had been on this keyboard.  Oh where was my Lysol?

My friend Linda is a teacher with special ed kids and the first thing she gets when school starts is some sort of cold. Then I noticed the enormous amount of dust collected in the fan port and behind the CPU.  We have only been in class 10 minutes and I am ready to leave for health reasons.  Does WHO and the CDC know about high schools?  As I sit here I am not so sure.

I was sitting between two mothers of high school students and they confirmed their children bring home something nasty that runs through the entire family at least once each year.  I wonder if this is a safe environment for adults?

Anyway, it looks like I am going to learn Excel, meet some new people and for 8 weeks three hours each night  get an idea on how to format worksheets using formulas, charts and wizards.  I understand this is a different type of wizard than I am expecting. Did you know I am a Tolkien fan?  Gandalf is one of my favorite wizards.

Next week I will bring my sani wipes and maybe a Swifter duster.

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  1. Teri is alway so funny and fun to work with, you know they say a smile a day, keeps the devil away. And your Blog's alway put a smile on my face. A Swifer Duster, now thats priceless. I hope you Blog more an this subject because i diffinetly will be looking forward to her the conculesion of how the swifer dusting went.