Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Camping for New Years

Steve, Spencer, Sandy, Hunter, Harley and Teri
We went camping for New Years weekend.

Harley’s sister Sandy and  family go camping in style.  They have a camper with all the amenities of home, truly.  It's not like the camping I remember.  I actually did go camping the entire year after I graduated from college in a tent, with a backpack, April May my golden retriever, in a rambler.  But that’s another story.

We met Sandy and company at Kelly Park near Orlando Friday evening.  It was so nice to meet out in the woods away from the pressures of home.  We explored the beauty of the park and enjoyed a wonderful dinner Sandy had prepared.  When the sun went down we built a fire, told stories, laughed, and talked about our resolutions for 2011.  We adults are all interested in taking better care of ourselves, Hunter and Spencer are still invincible.
When our evening was over Harley and I headed off to the local Holiday Inn.  Harley’s idea of camping is a king size bed and hot shower.  He takes such good care of me. 

Actually, we were tired and left before midnight.  When we got to the hotel we heard fireworks.  We looked out our window and were pleasantly surprised to find the fireworks were going off right outside, beautiful!

Saturday we all went bike riding on a rail path.  The bike path was paved over an old railroad track that was not being used any longer.  Although there is over 30 miles of path we only went 15 miles.  The day was perfect, temperatures in the mid 70’s, light breeze, not a cloud in the sky. We stopped for lunch and ice cream, played cards, had another campfire, and enjoyed each others company.  2011 is starting off great!

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