Thursday, December 30, 2010

Virtual Pages...

The pile in the Livingroom
 There are many newspapers and magazines going out of business or consolidating their businesses.  I still support the printed word.  I have books all over the house just waiting to be read.  I usually read two or three at a time switching back and forth between them.

Pile by my reading chair
 Maybe I am old fashioned but I love to read my books the old fashioned way turning the pages.  I like the feel of the paper in my hand.  If it is a good book I want to be able to turn down corners so I can easily reference pages again, I love to highlight, I love to share good books with my friends, how do you leave a love note on the inside of the page if you read virtual books?

Pile next to our bed
I want to spread my newspaper out all over the kitchen table and when a really great article comes up tear out the page and leave it for Harley or mail it to my not so computer literate Mom.  I know if I pop the article in the mail she will read it, she loves getting mail from her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

Down the road I am sure Kindle will sweep me into the future, with virtual pages, built in dictionary, no waiting to get the latest book, electronicly highlighted text, and light weight, that day is coming, just not today.

Patti got one for Christmas I will watch to see how much she likes it.  What do you think of your Kindle?

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