Friday, December 24, 2010

Knots till Christmas

As I sit her on the back porch listening to Christmas songs I am reminded of a tradition that started when I was very young.

My wonderful brother, Jim, is eight years older than I am.  Jim is a solution guy and it would drive him crazy when I was constantly asking, “When is Santa coming how many days are left until Christmas?”  Always resourceful he took a rope and tied a knot for each day until Christmas Eve.  As I got ready for bed I would untie one knot and we would count the knots left, I knew when I untied the last knot, on the last night, too excited to sleep, Santa was coming that night.

I knew in the morning it would finally be Christmas, still one of my favorite days, I have many beautiful memories of this day.

I pray all of your dreams will be fulfilled this night, that your heart will be light and you and yours will be surrounded by love.

Merry Christmas from Harley and me to you!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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