Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's time to plant the winter wheatgrass.

For some reason I am behind in my winter wheatgrass planting.  Summers are too hot for growing wheatgrass here in Palm Beach County.  The heat and humidity create the perfect place for fungus to set up home.  Once this happens wheatgrass is no longer a healthy choice.

I started soaking the seeds on Friday and they are now ready to plant which I am going to do shortly.  I will have grass to juice in about 10 days depending on how warm our temperatures get during the day.

As I wonder about how I would describe the flavor of wheatgrass and why I add this to my winter health routine the best report I can make is I honestly feel better when I have a morning shot of this beautiful green liquid. 

Ann Wigmore started the interest in wheatgrass and makes amazing health claims about cancer, aiding in pH balance, and blood purity.  She is not the first just the most successful in getting out the message

There has to be something to all this research.  To tell you the truth I feel great and all the supplements I take, diet choices I make, and exercise I do seem to be working.  So, when I add something that I can notice a real improvement this is exciting news for me. 

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