Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Walter and Allie

Allison Malia
Happy Birthday to you Walt Disney.    Walter Elias Disney was born December 5, 1901.

I remember the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.  It was a family time we would watch Tinkerbelle fly across the screen with her magic wand color exploding from the tip then dripping down the screen.  I am the youngest by eight years and always felt so special when we would have these family times together. 

We watched the show on a black and white television in the beginning.  Then one day we got a color television.  When the colors became real and not shades of grey I knew there really was magic going on.  Times were more simple then.

Disneyland opened July 17th 1955 I was born 29 days later.  I remember the first time I walked through the gates of Disneyland.  The tears of joy sprang from my eyes as I ran through the park, singing the songs from the Disney animations, looking for the fairy princesses, and Mickey and Minnie.  I had waited all my life to go to visit “the mouse” and here I was, finally.

We have another special birthday this day.  We are celebrating the second birthday of the most beautiful little girl.  Granddaughter Allison Malia is two today.  Happy Birthday Allie, Grandpa and  I can't wait to go to visit the mouse with you!

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