Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The gratitude list.

It started last month during the Thanksgiving holiday, for me, my gratitude seems to filter strongly through the end of the year, and is boosted again by my New Year’s Resolutions.  If I am mindful, some days I get distracted though I continue to refocus,  I seem to go at a steady pace throughout the year.

The top 10 things I am grateful for:

1.       God
2.       Health
3.       Harley
4.       Family
5.       Friends
6.       I am an American
7.       Job
8.       Home
9.       Safety
10.   Happiness

This was a more difficult list than I thought to organize.  Number 1, well, is just number one, Number 2, I hear from people everyday that tell me I would give up everything to feel good one more day, wow, that is very powerful, give up everything.  Harley, bless his heart just helps my little world go around in the most lovely way.  Where would I be without the “fam” as Niece Tricia would say, they help define me to this day.  My handful of friends can be counted on no matter what and they are able to count on me, no matter what.  #6, Brings tears to my eyes, I am so proud to be an American we have a great country, right now times are tough, I believe we will be better than ever soon.  I work with the most wonderful people, they make a big contribution to my life, they add bright spots in my day, to my overall security and abundance, and I believe in what we are doing.   Home, just rocks, we have many homeless here in Palm Beach County and I often wonder what happened in their lives that was so catastrophic that they sleep under a bridge and panhandle for food.  Number 9, could go higher on the list, I have never been in fear for my life in my home or community, this was a difficult place to put safety.  I may change my mind if it is ever threatened for real, maybe up to number 2.  Number 10, my life revolves around the happiness and joy that is in my life, I try to share my joy with those I am in contact with everyday.   Some days I fail miserably, to my credit I never stop trying and am first in line when it is time to offer an apology.

I am blessed!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc


  1. what a great post aunt teri!! it's so good to just take some time and focus on all of the amazing things in our lives!! we are truly blessed!! i love you!!

  2. Love you too!! This has been an amazing year there are so many things I am blessed with, you are one of those amazing things! Hugs and love.