Monday, December 6, 2010


Build A Bear Store Gardens Mall

New Grandpa’s are too cute.

My sweet carpenter husband and I went Christmas shopping for Granddaughter Allie age 2 and Grandson Rylan age 6 months.  Shopping is a big deal for Harley is not a Mall shopper, and shopping for babies is even more of a big deal. Michael, Harley’s son has not been a baby in over 30 years.

You should have seen us at the Build A Bear store.  If you have not been to one it is an absolute delight.  I can only imagine how much more fun it would have been if Allie and Rylan were actually with us.  Unfortunately, they live 5,000 miles away and we had to make due without them.

First, we had to decide between a variety of  bear, rabbit, and bird bodies, then comes the delicate job of  getting the selected animal stuffed to the density you are happy with. Next we had the very important job of picking out a heart and made a wish for these two special children; the heart was then lovingly placed in the bear.  Now we had a naked bear and bunny that needed clothing.  The assortment of hats, shoes, dresses, pants, and shirts was better than Macy’s, this was a difficult decision and the choice was not taken lightly.  We picked out an outfit for both stuffed friends, Rylan is being gifted a bear, and Allison is getting a bunny.  A birth certificate was generated and we were on our way a very happy Grandpa with a Christmas gift he was satisfied with, no easy task.

I love it when things work out nicely.

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