Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Bye Friend.

I love my friend Sandra.  She is intelligent, interesting, witty, she is a mother and grandmother, and addicted to cigarettes.  Two years ago she had breast cancer, seems if she was looking for an excuse to quit smoking that would have been a really good one, she wasn’t ready.

Last year she was having a problem with loosing her balance and would tip over without warning.  One time she fell and hit her face on the edge of a rocking chair.  The black and blue eye she had was truly amazing.  She complained about her neck hurting but said it wasn’t enough to go to the doctor, this was on a Friday.  By Monday she had changed her mind and after x-rays she was found to have suffered a broken neck.  Later she told me her neck really did hurt, she was afraid if she said anything they would put her in the hospital and she wouldn't be able to smoke.

Sandra is back in the hospital she can’t breathe.  She reported this symptom to her doctor  a few days ago the doctor recommended some tests.  The test results came back the next day, Sandra's doctor, not the nurse, called Sandra at home and told her, “Call 911 and I will meet you at the hospital.”  I am sorry, if my doctor called me and said call 911 I would hang up the phone and call 911.

Sandra had a better idea.  She got in her car and drove the three blocks to Circle K, purchased a pack of cigarettes, drove home, smoked one, then she called 911.  I am still scratching my head over that.

I last saw my friend on Sunday afternoon.  Actually, she looked pretty good. Today is Saturday; she is not expected to live through this day.  The doctors attribute her compromised health to smoking for all these years. 

I understand I stopped smoking almost 10 years ago; it was one of the most difficult tasks I ever set my mind to.

Sandra is in my prayers.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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