Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Confession

Here is my confession.  I was sick over Christmas. 

It’s true, and bad for business.  How does it look, someone that works at a nutritional company with all my resources and I get sick.  I can tell you how it feels, awful, and I’m still congested, not as bad but still congested, ick!

Harley brought home the creepin crud from his vacation.  It took me an entire week to get the symptoms and when I got the first tinge of a sore throat on Thursday, I got antibiotics in hopes it would not develop into the ugly upper respiratory infection Harley got.

I think the last time I was ill was when we went to Maui for Michael's wedding two years ago.  Maybe they should come visit us the next time?

I am rarely accused of being a grouch.  The last couple of days seems that term has been tossed my way somewhat frequently.  I am catching a small glimpse of why people that don’t feel well regularly are grouchy.  It is not that I feel grouchy on the inside I just want to be left alone and if you didn’t hear me the first time then I’m sorry.  It is likely what ever I said is not going to be repeated.  I can be so bad.

This brings me to the next problem.  Those antibiotics may or may not have helped with the severity of what ever creepin crud I have, now my intestinal constitution in not operating optimally, if you know what I mean.  Non selective destruction of bacteria, the friendly as well as the evil bacteria that is the job of antibiotics, search and destroy. 

I think people that are taking antibiotics should wear a button that says everyone has to be nice to them, they are under attack from the inside and their disposition is making people attack them from the outside.

I can tell you for sure; as soon as these antibiotics are done I will return to extra Probiotics 16 until nature’s bacteria are running my intestines again.  No wonder sick people are grouches. 

I must remember this and be kind. 

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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