Saturday, December 11, 2010

Car Trouble.

Yesh,  I have been having car trouble. 

This is never good as I have only very basic knowledge about cars.  I can fill the tank and turn the key and if that is not enough to get me on the road, I am in a mobility crisis.

First call is to Harley, guys just know stuff about cars.  If he can’t solve the problem it is off to the local car fixing person, if he can’t fix the trouble it is off to the dealer.  That is the situation I am in now.  We went to the big guns for help.

After keeping the car for a week they could not recreate the problem, what is up with that, does it mean I am crazy, maybe.  Was I not stranded twice? Please help me.

Harley, bless his heart, is so good using his community to solve problems.  He chats with everyone that might have a solution on any given problem and frequently a unique and wonderful solution comes out.

Our neighbor Terry knows his way around cars, he is an electronics wizard and refrigeration expert, the latter two skills Harley does not have.  Terry and Harley get along famously.

The conversation took place going over all the details of the car malady and Terry suggests replacing an $18.00 gizmo that has something to do with controlling fuel. For $18.00 what do we have to loose. 

When we got the celebrated fuel gizmo Harley pulled out the old one and it was warped on the underside and the prongs looked like they had been singed.  Could this really be the problem that the dealer could not pin point after an entire week?

As I write this, I am still pinching myself wondering if it is the gizmo or the prayer I say each time I start the car.  All I can say the gizmo seems to be doing its part and I am doing mine.

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