Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby it is cold outside.

Before the cover
Baby its cold outside. Harley is coming home this morning after a visit with the grandbabies.  He has been shrouded with 80 degree temperatures in Maui for the last week and wanted to know why there were travel delays in Chicago. 

Reality hits after a week with his toes in the sand in paradise.

Last night I wrapped the tomatoes in sheets and plastic in hopes our small crop would not be lost.  When I woke it was 27 degrees and I was really glad I took the time to give the fruit a chance.   Our weather man said it was 4 degrees warmer in Maine this morning than in Palm Beach County.  These temperatures are not unheard of  here but certainly very rare.  The chamber of commerce is not pleased.

It will be a week or so before we find out the total effects of the chill.  It is supposed to get really cold again tonight.

The morning after
I even had to bring the wheatgrass in.  Burrr.   

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