Thursday, November 4, 2010


 We are off to Shoebooties today for lunch.  I love this little restaurant in Murphy N.C.  the chef puts the most interesting seasonal flavors together for spectacular taste treats as well as beautiful visual presentation. I have no idea how anyone finds this gem on the boarder of North Carolina and Georgia except word of mouth.  Let me tell you Shoebooties is a home run and a taste treat!

Shoebooties has an interesting history.  The name comes from an All In The Family episode where Archie tells Meathead a story about being so poor his family could only provide one shoe and one boot for him to go to school with.  This story resonated with the owners and so it is.

Canoe Lamp from Moose Hollow
A couple of blocks away from the restaurant is Moose Hollow Trading Company which offers charming one of a kind rustic cabiney items, I know its not a real word.  We always walk down the street to shop and help digest our lunch.  We got Rocky at Moose Hollow.  We just might find another treasure today.
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