Friday, November 19, 2010

The power of the wave.

Jupiter Beach
No not that kind of wave the other one, with the hand.

We have had a tradition in our family, Mom started it, and Harley and I enjoy today.  When you leave the house you get a wave.

I remember one time Harley left and I didn’t know he was leaving consequently no wave. 

I got a call about half an hour later, he wanted to know what was wrong, was I cross with him, was the honeymoon over.  I laughed and laughed.  Once I told him I didn’t know he was leaving he felt much better. 

I didn’t realize the power of the wave.

Sometimes he tells me, “I am only going to Home Depot you don’t have to wave to me.”  I wave anyway, it is so funny he always checks to see if I am there and gives me a big smile and shakes his head.

I know it sounds silly but my big strong carpenter feels better when I wave, so the tradition continues.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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