Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old ladies and aging gracerfully.

There is something magical that happens when little old ladies get to the place where attitude is everything.  I had an experience yesterday that makes me look forward to aging, gracefully. 

I was waiting in line to get in a federal building.  If you haven’t been to the court house lately you will find the security measures are similar to airport security.

An old lady caught my eye; she was dressed in bold colors with lots of jewelry, she was waiting in line.  When it was her turn to go through security she put her items in the basket, her handbag and belt and walked through the screening portal.  The guard told her she would have to go back and remove her shoes this time.

Keep in mind this is a white, English speaking, wrinkly old lady; she did not fit the terrorist profile advised by the FBI, she could have been my Grandma.  She went back through the portal bent over to take her shoes off, there were no chairs and none being offered.  She leaned on the scanning conveyor for support and as she was taking off her shoes the guard raised his voice and said, “Ma'am please don’t lean on the machine to remove your shoes.”  To all of us watching it was apparent she needed the support to get her shoes off. 

She successfully removed the first offensive shoe and put her other hand  back down on the conveyor to remove her other shoe.  The guard raised his voice even louder and said, “Ma'am Please Don’t Lean On The Machine.”

She never flinched or acknowledged she heard the guard.  When she got the other shoe off she put it in the basket, with a twinkle in her eye she looked over at the guard, she smiled and said, “Were you speaking to me young man?”

The big officer with the gun just shook his head.

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