Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nothing Tasts as Good as Thin Feels...

One of my dieters, I can’t tell you who it is because I have not asked permission to tell this story.  I will call her “Donna”.  Has been on the Ideal Protein Diet and is doing very well.  When she first came in she was skeptical about the whole program but she liked me so she said she would try it.  Her enthusiasm was underwhelming and I would have bet money she was not going to make it.

Well, she has been very successful and lost 32lbs.

One day we were chatting and she told me this story, which I love.  Donna didn’t tell any of the ladies at her church she was loosing weight on purpose.  When she thought she was looking nice and trim she went to Macy’s and got a new dress that comes just above her knees, which to Donna is slightly scandalous, and some high heel shoes that she admitted she never wears.  Then she winked at me and said, “I was ready for church that day and full of prayers of thanks that I had the desire to stay on the plan.”  With a wink she left me with a huge smile on my face.

Donna has adopted our motto; Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Let me know if you want to know more.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our Health Co-op, Inc.


  1. Well the short story is, Ideal Protein unbalances the diet in a scientific way.

    The program takes away most carbs from the diet while adding enough high value protein that when your carb, or energy stores, have been depleted your body starts to burn the next energy source body fat, which is an amazingly rich form of fuel. While this is happening your pancreas is allowed to rest and recuperate and when you go back to regular foods you will process your food the way nature intended.

    Here is a series of videos I did with Ideal Protein’s Chief Science Officer, Mike Ciell. He is an awesome champion for Ideal Protein and can put the complex medical process into easy terms.