Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moms here...

Teri and Mom
The holidays have officially started, Mom arrived yesterday.

Some of you may think this is a bad thing but it is not.  We, and I really mean we, enjoy Mom she is interesting, has great stories, and is always ready to do something, anything fun.  I hope I have the same mental sureness when I am 85.

She brings me Maryland hard crabs and we have a feast.  Harley says I am spoiled.  I am wondering where the problem with me being spoiled is. 

While she is here Mom always has projects to do, there are books to read, special dinners to fix, Saturdays are for thrift shopping, Christmas cards need addresses with special notes inside, we must find, I can’t tell you what, for her red hat ladies and wrap that up.  The most fun day is Thanksgiving with Gail and her family. 

Mom has started writing her autobiography, which she is finding very theraputic.  She has some wonderful life stories that need to be told to her children, grandchildren, and great grand children of her amazing adventures.  There is no moss growing under Mom’s feet.

My friends love Mom too.  Cecilia lost her mom a few years ago and she comes to get her Mom fix, same with Donnaree and Harley too.

I will keep you posted on the fun.

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