Friday, November 5, 2010

Dirtbikes and evening stars

Teri, Mike, and Patty
 We rode all over on the dirt bikes today, the weather was perfect.  There are so many dirt roads and deer paths to ride on it we had a blast.  I only stalled the bike twice; the bad part is I could not get it started either time.  I just can’t get the hang of jumping on the kick start, Harley came to my rescue each time.

We had dinner with our friends Mike and Patty, they lived across the street from us in Florida, it is always a pleasure to see them and catch up.  When we got home the outside temps were down in the 40’s perfect for an evening dip in the hot tub. 

There is quite a bit of light pollution where we live in Florida here in North Georgia at the top of the hill the nights are very dark.  We got out some quilts and lay on the deck in the dark watching for shooting stars. There are so many points of light visible here it is amazing to behold.  At home we see the planet Jupiter easily, here it is like a flashlight in the heavens.  What a nice way to spend the evening with my honey.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
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  1. what a great post Aunt Teri!! i love how adventurous you are!!! :)

  2. Would love to have you come East and enjoy the cabin with us sometime, I just love you!!