Friday, November 19, 2010

Be kind,

Be kinder than necessary, 
Because everyone
 you meet
Is fighting some kind of battle.

I got this message in an email this morning.  I like to be reminded to be nice, sometimes my ego tells me it is OK to do otherwise.

A call came in from an irate customer she was trying to place an order online and thought we were asking for too many personal details.  She didn't want to leave her email address, I think all sites require that if you are ordering online.  She would not agree to any terms and conditions, no matter who they protected, and no we could not have her telephone number.  She wanted to order what she wanted and remain as anonymous as possible.  She was so angry her voice was shaking.

I told her I could take her order over the phone and we could eliminate some of her objections.  That did not allay her concerns.  There were other things going on with this customer.

I got the minimum data required and asked for her order, the selections she made indicated she or someone she loved had cancer and had been reading Bill Henderson's book.  My heart went back to the day Dr. C. told me I had cancer and the fear jumped to my throat.  I understood what was going on, either she or someone she loved had cancer.

For some reason I didn't tell her I understood or share my experience which I frequently do.  I did want her to calm down as stress is detrimental to every body function.  I think she was so frustrated I didn't want to upset her any further.

I wonder if I should write a note on her invoice on Monday, tell her I will pray for her, by the time the package arrives she should be more calm.  This gives me something to think about over the weekend hmm.

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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