Sunday, October 31, 2010

To the Cabin.

Today we are heading to our cabin in North Georgia to enjoy a relaxing week of vacation, thanks Kat.  As we head north the trip out of Florida is topographically uneventful until we get to Ocala.  Here we start to see rolling hills and beautiful horse farms.   The sun is just coming up and the fog is lying heavy in the fields.  We pass one field that is so thick with fog I almost didn’t see the cows grazing.

The old oak trees are beautifully decorated with Spanish moss, very romantic. 

As we leave Florida and head into South Georgia we see one of the things Georgia is noted for, cotton.  If you have never seen cotton grow it is quite interesting and unique.  The plants are like short tomato plants with snow balls of cotton puffs dangling on them, very festive.  It is odd to see plants sporting a harvest of white.

Driving in on the south side of Atlanta, the city looks beautiful in the distance. I am taken by how fast the planes land and take off from the busiest airport in America.  They take off every few seconds keeping an amazing schedule of moving travelers around the world.

My favorite views are the hills between Blue Ridge and the turn off to our cabin in rural Morganton.  The leaves are really starting to turn as the week progresses we will see a great show of changing color.

I am looking forward to a week of cool days and nights, relaxing in the hot tub, dirt biking the back roads, visiting with friends and hiking the trails in the area which include parts of the Appalachian Trail.

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