Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is what Lucy had to say...

I just spoke to Lucy in Canada.

She was telling me about her husband, he has cancer, apparently it is an inoperable type, mesothelioma I believe is what she said.  Those cancer names can be tongue twisters.

Lucy told me she and her sweetie are newlyweds of two years,  they live part time at her home in Pennsylvania, and part time at his home in British Columbia.  Lucy told me they got the bad news in the spring that he had cancer.  After some heart to heart discussions they decided to drive to BC to sell his belongings so there would not be so much for her to handle when he passed. 

In a last ditch effort they stumbled on to and decided to try Bill Henderson’s protocol and Dr. Johanna Budwig’s cocktail and have been doing these recommendations for the last few months. 

Guess what Lucy said?  Her husband is feeling great.  So good in fact they are not going to be selling his life while waiting for his death.  Looks like there will still be fun going on, I am so happy for them.

This is really good news for me to hear today.  Remember the story about my friend Larry a few weeks ago?  His funeral is tomorrow.  He won’t get to meet Beau who arrives in a few months, so sad.  I am not saying that Bill Henderson’s protocol would have worked for Larry but it certainly makes me wonder.

Best wishes to Lucy I hope you have a long and happy marriage!

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