Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday was a perfect day for a beach wedding, the groom was nervous and dashing, the bride beautiful and sassy.  Jason is going to have his hands full.

The intimate group of attendees were close friends and family and we were all thrilled to see these two lovely people promise their selves to each other.   Our very best wishes and prayers that Jason and Julie’s hearts will grow in love and understanding as life happens around them.

There was an odd guest at the festivities her name is Sally. I probably should not talk about another guest but she was very odd.  She did not speak to anyone, at least that I saw.  Actually, all of the guests had to walk right by her and I don’t believe anyone said a kind word to her although we all thought it odd the way she hung back by herself.     She was dressed in a flowing black scarf, lovely long strands of beads, and a stunning red hat.

As the bride came up the walk, Julie was escorted to her groom by her mom; they stopped to have the photographer take a picture of them with Sally.  It seemed odd to be paying their respects at such an important time in the ceremony, hmmm very interesting. 

When the ceremony was over and the I Do’s said, Jason and Julie left the beach as husband and wife.  I told Harley I wanted a picture with Sally, she was hanging in the back swaying with the breeze.  We still had no clue as to who she was but I liked her right away. 

Who was this interesting character no one had ever mentioned Sally to us before.  To get the scoop on her we had to wait to be seated for dinner.

We were seated with the parents of the bride and groom and I mentioned how surprised I was that Sally had a place at the head table but had not really participated in the actual ceremony. 

This is when I got the full story; Sally was a very good friend of Julies Mom and her best friend. Tragically, Sally died at age 32 from the effects of bulimia.  After her death the girls purchased the 4’ skeleton and in the last 20 plus years have taken Sally to every wedding, vacation, holiday and special occasion so it was only fitting  she would be at Julie’s wedding.  They dress her for each occasion and make sure she is properly accessorized.  Sally is part of the family and is not forgotten.  It is not with sadness they bring her to functions she is a joyful part of the celebration.

Harley, Sally and Teri

Julie and Jason

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