Friday, October 15, 2010


I am one of the people that got interested in Sudoku.  Who knew I would have such a fascination with 1-9.

Our local paper, the Palm Beach Post, offers daily Sudoku puzzles, each day the puzzles get progressively more difficult.  When I first started working the puzzles I found Monday’s puzzles impossible.  Then I found a tutor program, can you believe it, on the internet.

Now I get towards the end of the week working the puzzles with some success. 

Harley found a book with puzzles starting at Light and Easy, to Moderate, to Demanding, finally to Beware! Very Challenging.   I am having a wonderful time with the puzzles, sometimes I get the Sudoku bear and some days the Sudoku bear gets jets me.

Everything I read tells me to keep my brain active, use it or loose it.  I am using it because the alternative scares the putty out of me.

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  1. Yes this Sudoku can be habit forming.
    Now I put my digital timer for 5 minutes on Monday, 6 Minutes on Tuesday, and 7 minutes on Wednesday as they get a little tougher.
    Forget Friday and Saturday. Those are more endurance than fast jogs.
    Did you ever get a tutor