Sunday, October 24, 2010

Palm Fronds in Technicolor

My friends that are lucky enough to have leaves changing in their area keep telling me how wonderful it is, the colors are magnificent.  I am jealous I want our leaves to change colors too.

Then I got thinking about that.  Can you imagine a palm frond changing colors reds, yellows, and orange?  I can see it now, the headlines in the Palm Beach Post,

 Peak Leaf Weekend in Palm Beach County.

Then my silliness went to how big the book would need to be to press the leaves.  When I was a kid we always put our favorite colored leaves in books to save and look at when all the leaves had fallen off the trees.  We would have to have really giant books for our leaves, well that is just silly.

If you live where the leaves change colors I am thinking of you enjoying the beauty before the trees fall asleep for the winter!!

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