Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Dairy No Meat, What?

  Over the summer I have paid extra attention to the type of protein and the amount of dairy I have been eating.  I am fortunate to work with people who really understand health and wellness.  For years I have been hearing, mostly from our customers, just try a few changes at a time, don’t go crazy and try everything all at once, then notice how you feel.

I cut back slowly on dairy then decided to stop it completely this was easy for me as there are so many tasty substitutes available.  Rice Cream, Earth Balance spread, and non dairy cheeses are surprisingly tasty.   I went to my local Whole Foods Market for help.  They truly made the switch easy.  The sales team is prepared to help and they offered me great ideas.

I am now substituting a wide variety of proteins too like quorn, beans, tofu, and Boca burgers. I have not entirely eliminated meat but have cut back considerably. I have a way to go, so far so good, and I am happy with my choices.

When I first started the changes I went through a detox period and understand this can be different for each person depending on allergies and how much they need to cleanse their system.  My normal foods tasted odd and my coffee in the morning was undrinkable for approximately two weeks.  I have theories on what is happening and believe my body is working better, which is my health goal at the end of the day.

I would love to hear what you are doing that makes a difference in your life. 

Have a great Saturday!!


  1. Teri,
    Check out Mimiccreme. It is a wonderful cream substitute--great for making cream soups, cream in coffee or tea, or anywhere you would use cream. You can order it on Amazon. We use the unsweetened and sweeten to taste with stevia. It made giving up dairy for us a whole lot easier. We've not found a good substitute for cheese, however. We do use rice milk and hemp milk and coconut milk.

    I would avoid most soy products unless it is fermented. Unfermented soy is an endrocrine disrupter. Do a search on Mercola for more info, or the Weston Price site. I ate so many soy products (on advice from my doc. to deal with hot flashes) that I believe I damaged my thyroid and am now having to take dessicated thyroid medication.

  2. Hi Teri
    No milk? Good. Try Goats milk if you are looking for an alternative. My breathing and lungs vastly improved when I dropped milk many years ago.
    Another suggestion for protein is quinoa. I have really replaced rice with it. Use it at times like a thickener in curries etc.
    All the best with the detox

  3. Hi Teri,

    Instead of regular size Boca burgers, I find that the 1/4 lb ones are much better. They don't get so dry or taste like saw dust. They stay moister and the black bean Chipotle ones are really good.

    I also like Almond milk instead of regular in all but my coffee.

    My suggestion is not to drop fish from your list as that is so good for you but I have given up everything else in the meat dept.

    Also use Greek yogurt instead of regular ( if you eat it, as it is dairy) since it has twice the protein of the regular.

    Wish you well,

  4. Hi Teri,
    Everyone's metabolism is different. I grew up on a dairy farm in Australia and always drank gallons of fabulous full cream milk straight from the cows! - for years. Still miss the clotted cream my mother used to make with the much richer milk you can buy here.
    About four years ago I became 'converted' to raw food - bought a Vitamix and made fabulous green mostly veggies with some fruit and juice smoothies every day. A huge amount of work - that life style - lost a great deal of weight and kept it I'm no longer totally 'raw' - still make the green drinks about every second or third day (carrot tops, every kind of Kale, lettuce, collards, avocado, fresh ginger, bananas etc - sometimes with garlic, tinned organic tomatoes or tinned sour cherries depending if I want a sweet or savory green drink);
    Also eat miniscule amounts of chicken and pork - mostly bean, lentil, quinoa and barley creations with exotic herbs.
    Still have dairy in the form of lots of plain Kefir, yoghurt, half and half in my teas and eat low full cream fresh Mozzarella with the liquid poured off and replaced with good olive oil....oh and Isralie the cheeses are very low fat. Also enjoy the health benefits of red beets, raw and lightly cooked then pickled.
    Also became totally vegetarian for some years after attending a Yoga Camp in Val Moran Canada in my Yoga-teaching days.......boy the detoxing after years of heavy meat eating you wouldn't believe!!!
    Blessings and enjoy your process.
    Regards, Barbarajoy

  5. Hello Teri! :)

    I found out I was allergic to dairy by taking it out of my diet. I felt so much better! I also lost three dresses sizes almost immediately.

    Looks like we are walking similar paths.

    Good times...


    Emily Selden

  6. Well, I don’t like to “blog,” so here’s my answer to your question about quitting dairy. . .

    First off, Congratulations! Secondly, coming from a family of heavy meat & dairy eaters (father died @ 53 from a heart attack, oldest brother @ 54 from same, younger brother has had both knees replaced & takes 6 prescription meds, etc.) I am the healthiest person in my family. It is a proven, scientific fact, that no one needs meat of any kind or dairy of any kind. Okay, that’s off my chest.

    Whole Foods is a great source for all kinds of dairy & meat substitutes. All “fermented” soy products are safe and good for you! There is some concern about eating too much unfermented soy products, but that does not include edamame or any other fresh soy product or any fermented soy product. Boca burgers are only “dry” for people who try to fry them like greasy hamburgers. . . The Chipotle Black bean burgers are very good. However, neither of these are fermented. . . Just ask someone in WF about which “fermented” soy products they recommend. I used to eat a lot of soy & rice cheese, but don’t much any more. I have found a great tasting goat cheese imported from France at Costco, but I am trying to convince my wife we really don’t need to eat cheese. . . I personally really like Costco’s organic, vanilla, soy milk in my smoothies and tea. The biggest problem w/dairy now is that unless it is certified organic (same w/any meat) every bite contains a shot of hormones, antibiotics & steroids! ! !

    I really recommend starting most days out w/a green smoothie. They are great and that’s all I have most days until lunch. . . Check out “Green Smoothie Revolution” by Victoria Boutenko