Thursday, October 7, 2010

The King of Showmanship

Christmas Costume and Cape

This is the story sad but true…

The golden boy was lovingly named Wladziu Valentino Liberace.  When I was a kid his television variety show was the program to watch for talent and comedy, but even more outstanding was the, “Can you believe it” factor.  Liberace was the original King of Showmanship. 

When we were in Las Vegas over the summer we went to Liberace museum.  We were two of six people enjoying the tour; of course it was 119 degrees in Las Vegas that day, still business was not as robust as it once had been.  The tour guide told us at one time 450,000 people used to visit the museum each year.  We could tell 2010 was going to be an off year.

Hot Pink Turkey Feathers
 None the less, we took the tour, I ooed and awed over all the jewels, fancy rhinestone covered pianos, the mirrored Phantom V Landau Rolls Royce, and gilded costumes some weighing in at over 200lb.  I even got to try on one of the capes, yes, it seemed like Halloween but this was Liberace’s life and I was getting a glimpse.

The sad news is the museum is closing.  Harley is crushed as you can imagine, not.

I got a newspaper article from my brother telling the sad story.  The museum is closing, it is hard to make it in this economy, too far from the Las Vegas strip, what is a kid from Wisconsin supposed to do, I bet Lady Gaga would love some of those costumes.

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