Friday, October 29, 2010

Invisible in a Wheelchair

Mom tells me she becomes invisible when she sits in her wheelchair.

We talked about it and she told me that people don’t say hello, nod, or even know she is there when she is in the wheel chair.  Mom is one of those outgoing people that says hello to everyone so she really notices this behavior.

“You just don’t understand unless you have to be in a chair” she tells me.  When Mom is out with her cane or walker people acknowledge her with some sort of greeting or to offer help, she tells me.  Something happens when she sits in the wheelchair and she feels like she isn’t there.

I think she is right.  I started watching my behavior with folks in wheel chairs and I did notice I was less likely to say, “Good day” to them, so sad.

Now, I say hello to people in wheelchairs, they are no longer invisible to me.  Many times they look at me and wonder if I am actually speaking to them.  I always get a big smile from them in the end.  Sometimes it is after the surprised look passes and if they have a care taker I get a smile from them too.  Sort of like a double whammy of smiles.

Try it; all you have to do is say hello, you may be adding something special to your day too.

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  1. This is something I never have thought about until now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will be more aware of my behavior when around people in wheelchairs now.
    Again, thanks for mentioning.